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This is my Blog. Some of my best friends have blogs, and my mommy finally said I could have one too!! :)

Monday, November 20, 2006

It's Been A Week!

Ugh, my mom is so mean!! This is the first time I've been able to get to the computer for a whole week, so nobody knows what I've been doing for a whole week! Mom says work has to come first. I'm not sure what work really is, except that I have to leave mom alone while she's working, and that's not nice either, so not only don't I get to ready my best buddy's blog, HI Mary-Margaret! Long time no see!, but I don't get to post on my blog either. sigh.

This is a picture of Pepper and me playing, this is Pepper's favorite bed, it's right by mom's desk and he sleeps there alot.

Well let's see... last Tuesday it was really cold outside, I didn't go out all day, I just used my piddle pads inside. Mom worked, and I slept alot. I watched Animal Planet, cause I like that channel, and mom says it keeps me occupied sometimes. I got a bath and got to snuggle with mom for a while before she fell asleep.

On Wednesday, I got to sit on mom's lap while she worked most of the day, but she had room for me on her lap today, so that was nice. She put my favorite blanket on her lap and I just snuggled up. Then the mailman came, and I got a new Bully Stick!! That was really neat! Our mailman always is happy to see me and has a treat for me too. Well it took mom forever to get the package open and give me the bully stick, but boy was it ever worth waiting for!! Those are great!! I'd recommend them to everyone out there, they're wonderful, and I'm not even half way through my first one yet. But I got to play with it for over an hour.

Thursday was fun!! I got to go shopping with mom. We went to the pet store and got my food, and some more treats that fit into my Kong toys. We went to the grocery store (where I hide in my carrier, inside mom's jacket) and got some other food, that I don't get to eat. And we went to the bank, where I get to get out of my carrier and run around to see everyone. Then we came home again. Mom decided she was tired and lay down for a nap after shopping and so we got to cuddle for a long time. Mom didn't sleep, but she held onto me and cuddled me and gave me back rubs and tummy rubs, it was really nice. I like spending time with mom like that.

On Friday, mom was doing something strange for work, and so she had to be on the phone alot that day. I didn't get many snuggles, cuddles or anything. When I barked at her she made me be quiet. I think she was talking to her boss and other people on the phone, and it lasted forever! I had to go out and told her so, but she just ignored me, so I used my piddle pads. I wanted to go out to see if the cats had been by, or to see if those things my mom keeps saying could be out there now that it's winter. She says she has to look outside first cause there might be moose outside. I don't know what moose are, but I'm looking for them everytime I get to go out!! If I get to meet a moose I'll get mom to take a picture and post it for everyone to see!

Anyway folks, that was last week!! Mom wants the computer again. She says she's going to be really busy again this week, and I need to be fast on the computer... doesn't she realize how hard it is to type all this with four pads, and no thumb? Sheesh. But she says I can get back on the computer later on today, so I hope to talk to you all again really soon!!

Love Boomer

Monday, November 13, 2006

Wow It's Cold Out!

Hi everyone, well living in Alaska sure is interesting.... it's too cold for me outside!! I like the snow and I like running around in the snow, but now, it's so cold out that I can't go out! Mom says no, I have to use my papers now, cause it's too cold out. When I got up this morning, it was -19 F outside mom said. When it gets this cold we have something called ice fog. I don't know exactly what that is, but when I look out the window I can't see anything!! It's all fuzzy and white out. Well enough about the weather.....

I just wanted to mention in here today that I hope that Nemo's mom is feeling a little bit better today. Nemo is at Rainbow Bridge now, and I just know that he's happy, and not feeling sick anymore. I hope that Nemo's mom remembers that Nemo loves her very much and will be waiting for her when she gets there!! And in the meantime Nemo has all the toys, food, water, and playmates that he wants there at Rainbow Bridge. Melody is at Rainbow Bridge too, and I just know that she made Nemo feel at home, so he's not alone with no friends there.

And! I sure hope that Bud is feeling better now too. I hope it wasn't anything serious. Bud is Vicki's husband, and he's in the hospital right now. I sure hope he gets to go home today!! Paws Together everyone for Bud!! The Yorkie Prayer Ring sure does wonders when we put our minds and paws to it!!

Anyhow, mom has my breakfast ready now, a little tiny bit of oatmeal today. I like oatmeal! It's always nice and warm and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday Night

Hi everybody, well I guess I made up with mom okay, I went and napped with her for over an hour, it was nice and snuggly!! I even had my favorite blanket on the bed this afternoon. Mom hasn't said anything, but I don't think she's feeling good, she only had soup for dinner, and I got a little bit of chicken out of the soup. Oh, and a whole ritz cracker with peanut butter. Peanut butter's my favorite!! I just love Peanut Butter. Pepper and I both got some. One of my favorite things is to have my puppy kong toy filled up with crunchy peanut butter, it takes me hours to get it all out, but boy is it fun!! Well, I have to get off the computer now, cause mom says she has to work tonight, she says she slept too long today and now she's backed up. Not sure what that means, but she wants me to have a nap again so she can work.

Have a good night everyone!

Oops, Where'd Thursday Go?

Hi everybody, well I'm not sure what happened yesterday, except that mom and me lay down on the couch to have a nap, and woke up this morning!! I guess we were extra tired yesterday.

This morning, when we went to go out for a run around the yard, I heard something under the deck and so took off under the deck to find out what it was. Boy was mom angry with me. It turned out it was only a piece of newspaper, but it sure was fun to chase it around! But I'm sneaking off the couch right now to write this, cause I'm supposed to be being good. I even got stuck in my crate for 15 mintues once mom caught me. I don't like being bad, but this was just too much to pass up! Oh well, I better go make up with mom now.

Hope you all have a super weekend!!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hey It's Hump Day!! aka Wednesday!

Hi everybody! Well today was completely and totally uneventful around here. Mom worked really late again last night and so she slept in today. Dad came home from work and took Pepper and I out for a little run, and when I came back in I got up on the bed, and put my cold cold paws and nose on mom's cheek. She was really tired and hardly even moved. But she knew it was me cause she grabbed me and stuck me under the covers to get all warmed up. Pepper was lying down at the bottom of the bed on our pillow that's down there, it's right by a heater, and so he was nice and warm too. He gets a little confused when he's under the covers, so he stays up top most of the time.

Well mom's starting to complain cause I'm hogging the computer again, and she says she has lots of work to do, so I guess I better be a good boy and let her have the computer for a little while.

I hope you all had a super day, and got lots of treats and snuggles!!
I know I'll get lots of snuggles later when mom goes to lie down. Mom's real good for that, she never forgets to take me for snuggles!! Night for now everybody!


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Terrible Tuesday!

Hi everyone, well today was terrible, and it's all my mom's fault. sigh. Last night mom worked really really late on the computer, when she finally came to bed, I got to snuggle up with her and was really comfy in my nice soft blanket. BUT, then when she got up this morning, she got dressed and amost immediately left the house!! My mom left without me!! She left me at home. I think that's terrible and didn't like it one little bit. I was being good. I hadn't even had time to do anything wrong! sigh. So I sat in the window and waited for mom and dad to come back. They did, and pretty quick too! I still don't know what I did wrong to not get to go out with them today. Pepper said it could be because they were going somewhere where dogs weren't allowed, but I don't understand that cause dogs should be allowed everywhere. I even sat down real still and let her take a picture of me today.

Then after dinner, mom sat down and let me snuggle up, so maybe I didn't do anything wrong after all. I was very sad that she left me home though, and I sure hope she doesn't do THAT very often.

Pepper was telling me that sometimes they have to go places that I'm not allowed to go, like to the bank and the grocery store. He said that every now and then I'm going to have to stay home even when I don't want to, and even when mom wants to take me with her.

Mom whispered to me tonight that she wanted to take me today, but they had to go out real quick to pay bills. I'm not sure what that means, but both Pepper and I got some ice cream tonight so I guess I wasn't bad after all!! (grin) We sure like ice cream!! And we only get ice cream on very special days.

We got to run around outside today for a little bit too, it was nice and bright out. When we came in we both got brushed and got to lie down on our big blanket that mom warmed up for us in the dryer!!

Okay, so it wasn't really a terrible Tuesday after all.

Have a good night everyone!
Love, Boomer.

Monday, November 06, 2006

It's Monday!! YAY!

Hi everybody, I'm so glad that you all stopped by to see my blog. It's really fun to have all of you to talk to. Sometimes it's lonely here when all mom does is work.... sigh.

But that's okay, I decided this morning to get her up really really eary. It wasn't even light out yet, but it was so cold that I needed under the covers. So I sat on her and licked and licked until she woke up. Mom always wakes up kind of giggling when I lick her face to wake her up. And once she wakes up she grabs me and wraps me up in the blanket and pets me till I go back to sleep. Especially if its really early like this morning!

Because I woke her up early, she couldn't get back to sleep, so we both got up and had some oatmeal for breakfast. I really like oatmeal, it's just the plain stuff, but it's really good. I only get a little bit, but it's nice and warm and sure sticks to my ribs in the morning.

OH! I forgot, you've seen all the other family members here in the house, except for one. Benny!! Benny's my best buddy. He's big, and he's black, and he's all kitty, but he likes me and we really like to chase each other around the house. Benny is hard to get a good picture of too, just like I am cause he sees the camera coming and either runs and hides, or he just runs, and then he's out of focus!! But Benny is about 20 or so pounds of black kitty and he's great fun to play with. He's ever so careful when we're playing together and he's never even raised a claw to me.

Well, I guess now that you've met everyone in the house, I should probably mention one more thing.... I'm not a purebred Yorkie (sniff, sigh). I'm half yorkie and half shih zhu. I think I must take after the shih zhu side for looks, but I'm all yorkie in attitude!!

Anyhow, mom has to work now, and wants me to go have a nap cause I'm hogging the computer again. I like being on the computer!!

Take care everyone!!
Love, Boomer.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

This is Where I Live

Hi again, here's a picture of where I live. This is looking out the front window of our trailer here in Fairbanks, Alaska. This picture is from last winter, but it looks pretty much the same right now.

On the side there you can just see the edge of the deck that we use in the summer. Mom likes to garden some and so we get to go out on the deck and sit in the sun while she gardens. You can see the tracks on the pond out front, the snowmobiles like to go out there in the winter, and there are ducks in the summer that visit us there too. I like to watch the ducks. They aren't afraid of me either I can almost go right up to them. I try to sniff but they don't let me get THAT close.

When I first got here, I used to run away, I like to run you know. I can run really fast, and my mom can't keep up with me when I'm running. But then cause I kept running away, she started putting me in a harness and on a big long rope so I could only go so far without having to stop. That way mom doesn't have to try to run after me. I figured out pretty quick that when I run away it's really hard on my mom, see she can't walk very well, or very far, so I don't run away anymore, I stay nice and close.

Yesterday I put up a picture of Melody and Pepper, they're mom's other yorkies. Melody is at Rainbow Bridge now, but Pepper is still here and I just love to chase him. This is a picture of Kevin, one of our kitties! Kevin's really nice to me, and I like Kevin alot. I especially like to chase Kevin, but he's 10 years old now and doesn't always like to play with me, so sometimes he just sits on top of me, so I can move, and that's it, I know when Kevin does that, that I'd better leave him alone for a little while, that he probably wants to have a nap.

Mom says it's time for dinner now, and I'm awful hungry today, so I'll talk to you all again soon!

Night night everyone.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Hi Everyone!

Well, this is my Blog. My name is Boomer! My human daddy picked this name for me. I had a funny start to life, at least that's what my human mommy says. Last September (September 4, 2005) Melody (who was my mommy's yorkie) had to be put down cause she was really sick. So all winter from September, 2005 to April, 2006, my humans and Pepper (mommy's other yorkie) were all alone (well except for the cats that is, Kevin and Benny). Melody and Pepper grew up together, they were best buddies and then when Melody had to go to Rainbow Bridge, Mommy and Pepper were very sad.

This is a picture of Pepper (on the left) and Melody (on the right) on the couch last year, I didn't know Melody, but she sure looks like she'd be fun to play with!!

In January, 2006, my human mom decided that it was time to start looking for another yorkie to keep Pepper and her company!! So they started to visit the local animal shelter, and started looking around. You see all my human mom and dad's pets are rescues, and the pets find them, they don't find the pets.

On April 22, 2006, my human mom and dad went to the animal shelter, and were looking around at all the dogs and cats that were there that day. They went into the big dog room, and were looking at all the really big cool dogs in there. They weren't looking for a big dog, but when they go the shelter, they always look and see everyone there.

They went to the very back of the big dog room, way back in the corner, and there was an empty cage there, except it wasn't empty!! I was in there!! I only weigh 4.8 pounds, and I was in a cage that was made for a german sheppard sized dog, so there I was running around in figure eights all over the cage. My human dad started to laugh, and said, there's our new dog!! I didn't stop running, I wanted out of that cage so bad!!

My human mom went back to the front of the shelter and talked to one of the ladies, and that lady that worked there came back with a key and let me out of the cage. My human mom picked me up, and they got a good look at me (and here I'd been running around so they wouldn't really get a good view of me!!) Mom declared "Oh! He's just cute as a button!!" And my dad said, yeah, a really active button.... You see I was still squirming like crazy in mom's arms.

They talked about it for a while, and while they were talking I fell asleep in my mom's arms, and then dad took me and held me while they discussed the matter of bringing me home. They decided they wanted me and so they took me up to the front of the shelter and told the nice ladies there that they wanted to take me home. Well it turned out they couldn't take me right then, there were a total of four families wanting to take me home, and so on Tuesday, April 25, 2006 the shelter was going to hold a drawing for me, to see which family would get to take me home!! They were there on Tuesday (after visiting me on Sunday and Monday too!) real early about a half hour before the drawing was to take place. The visited with me and then went to the shelter desk to be there for the drawing. When my human mom saw the other families, she figured there was no way they were going to get to take me home, but my dad wrote their names down on a piece of paper that the lady gave him, and the paper got put in a can for the drawing. After about five minutes they made the drawing and they called my mom and dad's names!! They were so excited!! So I got to go to my forever home on April 25, 2006.

Well, on April 29, 2006, my mommy decided to take a picture of me, cause I was finally still enough to catch me on the camera!

That's my first picture ever taken of just me!! I'm sitting in my mom's arms, and dad's taking the picture.

There aren't very many good pictures of me, you see I rarely sit or stand still enough to catch me! I'm a real going concern, if I'm not chasing a cat,
then I'm chasing Pepper. If I'm not chasing Pepper or chasing a cat, then I'm barking at mom or dad to come play with me!! We don'tknow when my real birthday is, so we picked June 22, 2006 as my 1 year birthday, cause they said at the shelter that I was about ten months old when I got there.

Anyways, I'm getting really tired now, it's late for me to be up and my mom's telling me it's time for me to go to bed. I'll try and post the rest of my story tomorrow!!

Thanks for reading, and I hope to talk to you soon again.

Hugs and Boomer Kisses.