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Thursday, January 11, 2007

January 11, 2007

Hi everybody!! It's finally warmed up a little bit here now, and it's nice enough that I can go outside!!

Instead of it being -30 and -40, it's warmed up to zero and above now. We had 6 degrees today, it's great!! I went outside and ran around in the snow in the yard, it was cool, but it sure was warmer than it's been in a while. I got all wet playing in the snow, it was alot of fun.

I hope that all you nice folks who are getting the cold and snow are all okay, no power outs or anything like that. I'd hate to think that you folks are cold or sitting in the dark!

Anyhow, I'm all worn out, and mom's already telling me that it's time for bed, so I guess I'd better go now.


Sunday, January 07, 2007

January 7, 2007

Well everyone, it hit -40 last night and dad says the car won't start, it's frozen. sigh. Mom was a bit upset at that news cause she says it means we can't go anywhere. I figure that's okay cause it's too cold out to go anywhere anyways!! But she didn't understand when I told her that. Oh well. I guess the care will thaw out when spring comes.

Mom got up this morning and after breakfast went straight to work, but she got it all done she said and so she can start tomorrow out with no work to do, which she says is a good thing, but of course now she says that I have to hurry because it's nap time/snuggle time. So this will be a short post, but wanted to let you know the current news around here. Well I'm off to have my nap/snuggle. Then dinner later on, I think I'm getting some chicken tonight. I like chicken!!


Friday, January 05, 2007

January 5, 2007

Hi everyone, well it's very very cold here today, -30 mom said. And our car won't start. And mom missed a doctors appointment because the car won't start. sigh. Dad had to take a taxi to work last night, and home again this morning. Not one of our better mornings so far!!

But, mom and I had oatmeal for breakfast and it was really good. I don't get the milk on it, but that's okay. It's still warm and toasty in my tummy. I think mom's going to work for a little while and then have a nap, that'll be nice, all curled up in our blankets!! I like afternoon naps.

According to mom the weather man said that it's only going to get colder here for the next week or so. So I guess we're going to be stuck inside for the next several days. It's way too cold for me to go out even with a sweater and booties on. And mom doesn't like going out in this cold weather either, it bothers her something awful. It makes her feel icky she says.

Anyhow, that's about it for right now, not much news happening around here today. :)


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Janaury 3, 2007

Hi Everybody, I'm sorry it's been so long since I wrote in my blog, we've been busy, what with mom not feeling good, and then Christmas and New Years. Always lots to do around here too, mom seems to need lots of help lately, and I'm doing all I can to help her.

I sure hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years. We sure did around here. We put out milk and cookies to Santa, and even left him a bully stick, but he left it for me I guess, maybe he didn't like bully sticks. Oh well, I tried!!

I got a new blanket, some squeaky toys, some really neat stuff to eat, and no clothes!! YAY! After all I'm a little boy, I'd only get them dirty anyways.

My friend, Mary-Margaret got a whole bunch of clothes, that's okay for her she's a little girl!!

For New Years, my dad had to work at midnight, but his workplace said he could be a little bit late, so he got to celebrate midnight with us before he went to work. We have cream cheese, and crackers, and shrimp, and apple cider. It was really good, all I got was the crackers and a little taste of cream cheese. Mom said the shrimp wouldn't be good for me, so I didn't get any of that. But on New Years Day we had pork and sauerkraut. I got a little tiny taste of the pork, it was goooooood! Yum!

Now that it's after the holidays, mom says we have to get "organized" whatever that is. I think it means work, cause dad told her not to worry about it, it's too much for her to do and it'd get dome sometime or other. So I figure it must be work.

Anyhow, mom says it's time to go lie down for a little while, and how it's my bedtime now. So I guess I better go and snuggle up with mom before she gets too tired.

Hope you all have a great week, and I'll be talking to you again really soon!! Maybe even tomorrow!!


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

December 19, 2006, Christmas is Coming!!

Hi Everybody, my mom wanted me to let you know that the christmas graphics that I'm putting up here lately are just ones that I found on the net and liked. Slurp! I spend lots of time looking at free graphics on the web and saving the ones that I like, so they aren't my original graphics. I'm not very talented that way. So if you like them and want them, just right click on the graphic and you can have them too!! Mom says she has so many graphics that she's collected that she really needs to sort them all out and make a webpage of them all!! And most of that is a quote from mom cause all I know is these are pictures that are cute and I like them. Slurp!

Anyhow, I got to go with mom again today to see my new friend Winchester. I got to play with him again and it was really fun! Winchester is so nice and so big, I got to ride on his back around the office, it was so cool! Things sure look different from up there!! And then Winchester got a treat and he gave it to me. We sat under the desk while my mom talked to the nurse lady and we chewed on our treats. But then it was time to go home, so I had say bye to Winchester. We don't get to see him again until January mom said. But she promised me I'd get to go with her next time.

It was really cold out today too, so cold that we had fog outside! My mom said it was ice fog. I couldn't see anything outside it was so thick. It was really cold so I didn't stay out very long, it made my paws hurt. But when I came in after running in the yard for a minute or two, I did two circuits of our yard while I was out, mom had a really nice warm towel all warmed up in the dryer for me, and I got nice nice snuggles, but then she started to do my toenails, yuck! She cut them all off on me, and here I was trying to grow them out so I could climb up to where the cats sit on the back of the recliner!! Oh well, I'll just have to try again I guess.

And that's all my news for today!!
Hope you're getting lots of treats for Christmas!!

Monday, December 18, 2006

December 18, 2006 - One day closer to Christmas!

Hi everybody, well here I am, two days in a row!! Slurp! Mom gave me a big surprise today. She got up early and got ready to go out, I figured I'd was staying home like I usually do, but she packed me up in my carrier, and off we went when dad got home from work. When we got where we were going, I was really nervous cause it smelled funny, but it turned out that mom was going to see a new nurse practitioner who is going to help her with all kinds of things. I'm not sure what a nurse practitioner is, but mom said it was okay, I wasn't getting a shot or anything....

We were early getting there this morning, and mom let me out of my carrier onto the floor with my leash. All of a sudden I smelled something. Boy was it different smelling. I had no idea what it was and so I hid behind moms feet. And THERE HE WAS!! A great big dog!! He was all chocolate colored, and really big. He came right up to me and sat down. He just looked at me. At first I thought he was going to try to eat me for lunch!!

But he didn't. His name is Winchester, and he's a chocolate labrador. He's really pretty looking and very gentle. He lay down and rolled over and let me crawl all over him and have fun. It was great!! Mom even let me stay and play there while she went and met with the lady she was there to see. It was great fun.

Well that's it for today, I'm beat, and need a nap, and mom's waiting for me to go nap with her too.

Hope you all had a great day!!


Sunday, December 17, 2006

December 17, 2006

Hi Everyone!! I want to first say how sorry I am that I haven't been posting to my blog recently. My mom hasn't been feeling well, and even went away for a little while to a big building where I couldn't be with her. She came home finally, but it took a while, and now she's doing lots of sleeping and lying down on the couch. That's okay though cause I get to snuggle with her when she's lying down!! Slurp!

It's just one week until Christmas!! Here in Fairbanks, it's very cold, and very dark Right now we only have about four hours of daylight, and not much sunlight at all. But that's okay cause come the 21st we start getting longer days again.

It's been too cold for me to to go outside very much, and mom doesn't want to go outside and catch cold right now when she's not feeling good, so we've been doing the race circuit in here. Slurp. It's fun, I start in the kitchen and run through the living room, down the hall, to the bathroom then I turn around and run all the way back. I do that about ten times and get really excited chasing the cats up and down the hall!!

Well that's all my news for right now, Mom says I have to finish up cause she can't sit at the computer for very long right now. We'll try to post more tomorrow though!!

I sure hope you've all been extra good this year so Santa will come and give you all sorts of neat treats and new beds and blankets and good stuff!!

Take care everyone!