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Sunday, January 07, 2007

January 7, 2007

Well everyone, it hit -40 last night and dad says the car won't start, it's frozen. sigh. Mom was a bit upset at that news cause she says it means we can't go anywhere. I figure that's okay cause it's too cold out to go anywhere anyways!! But she didn't understand when I told her that. Oh well. I guess the care will thaw out when spring comes.

Mom got up this morning and after breakfast went straight to work, but she got it all done she said and so she can start tomorrow out with no work to do, which she says is a good thing, but of course now she says that I have to hurry because it's nap time/snuggle time. So this will be a short post, but wanted to let you know the current news around here. Well I'm off to have my nap/snuggle. Then dinner later on, I think I'm getting some chicken tonight. I like chicken!!



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